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Zoned Heating: What is it?

Zone heating is the practice of warming the rooms in which you spend most time: rather then trying to heat the whole house equally. The result is a reduction in energy consumption.

To Zone: or not to Zone?

Before considering installing Zones you need to ask yourself the question will I gain any benefit from zoning bearing in mind that every time you install a motorised zone–damper a cost of $300 is incurred. If you are heating a small home with say 6–7 outlets and most rooms are in use or alternatively a larger home with open plan living areas that cannot be closed off, it’s arguably that the zoning option may be a waste of time and money. After all the great benefit of ducted heating is that the warm air is evenly distributed throughout the home so that there are no cold spots and modern day thermostats allow you to program the temperature, time and even the fan speed of the system. However there are benefits in zoning, not just in energy cost savings but comfort levels as well.

Common Zoning Applications

Zoning off formal lounge dining areas rarely used

Zoning off all bedrooms allows heating of living areas only

Zoning off selected bedrooms that our rarely used

Zoning off rumpus, home theatre rooms etc

Double storey homes: Zone off top storey

Split level homes: Zone off top level

At Scandia we can easily custom design and install a zoned heating system that not only compliments the homes layout, design but also compliments you and your family’s lifestyle.

Bedroom Zoning Diagram
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