Ultra Efficient Power Flued Heating

Power flued space heating is one of the most economical forms of heating unlike unflued gas heaters which increase the level of pollutants in the house space heaters are flued so exhaust gasses are expelled outside. The Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters have the highest overall star ratings of any comparable range. Gas space heaters are independently tested to measure their energy efficiency - this is used to determine star ratings. The higher the star rating, the more energy efficient the heater is. The more energy efficient, the more you save on running costs. This is why Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters have in-built technology to ensure they maximise their energy efficiency to an incredible 4.8 stars.

Space heater product range... features and benefits
Sized to suit you

Braemar Eco-Superstar Space Heaters

• Overheat safety switches
• Thermostatic temperature control
• Cool-to-touch cabinet
• High/low gas rates
• Pre-heat function
• Economy mode
• Child lock
• Power flue
• Natural and propane gas
• High/low fan speeds
• Electronic ignition

Optional Features

Remote control - Full 7 day programmable timer

Braemar Eco-Superstar space heaters are available in two sizes to meet the requirements of your heating needs. The SH18 unit heats up to 62m2 and the SH25 unit heats up to 85m2. Consult your local Braemar specialist to discuss the heater that best suits your needs.

Braemar Eco-Superstar Space Heaters Specifications

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