Alan & Helen Maher

"We have had a Breezair cooler for over 5 years now and in that time the unit has never missed a beat, know matter how hot it gets outside the house is always lovely and cool, in fact most of the time the unit runs on less than half speed. The team at Scandia did a really professional job of the installation particularly as we have a metal roof and rainwater tanks. Initially we looked at the reverse cycle option but were concerned about the running costs of these systems as electricity is so expensive, when you live out of town. We definitely made the right decision in choosing Breezair and Scandia"
Alan & Helen, Bungendore NSW

"Having had a Braemar ducted heater previously for 9 1/2 years in my previous home, I had no hesitation in selecting the same brand again in my new home. The previous heater was 9 1/2 years only and not once did it fail. Scandia fitted both heaters and were first class in service - I give them 10 out of 10. I would recommend Braemar to anyone, they are very economical to run."
Purchased from Scandia
Received 2nd October 2008
Barry, Goulburn NSW

"My old heater of 16 years failed for the second time an I was advised to replace it. I chose the Braemar unit as both my adult children had installed a Braemar unit and were very happy. My new Braemar TH435 is fantastic, especially with the variable speed fan. The unit was installed in two days, the service from Scandia was fantastic and I couldn't be happier. My whole house is now warm!"
Purchased from Scandia
Received 1st October 2008
Geoff, O'Malley ACT

"Summer was unbearable at 37ยบ. With Breezair it was so comfortable that we started not worrying about the hot temperatures predicted. We recommended it to others and our neighbours across the road and they automatically installed one. The service from Scandia was above expectation, they completed the work with no disruption, on time and left the house with no mess and full explanation of operations. After weighing the pros and cons of evaporative to other methods it was clear evaporative was more healthy, more environmentally friendly and a fraction of the cost. The family can have it on as long as they wish due to the fraction of a cost of other methods, no problems. We are happy with the decision for Breezair for many reasons. Too many to mention, but some are: 1) Natural fresh air, 2) More healthier (wife is asthmatic), 3) Low cost so you can have it on as long as you like, 4) Quietness - cannot be heard so no complaints from neighbours. PS The cost compared to other methods is so much cheaper but more effective, the best money we have spent."
Purchased from Scandia
Received 2nd October 2008
Frank & Rose, Dunlop ACT

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